FACT: A dialogue on sustainable commodity trade for resilient food systems, people and climate

This interactive event will build on the FACT Dialogue to support sustainable trade whilst protecting people, forests and ecosystems. The event will launch the 2023 FACT Dialogue Progress Report and provide a dynamic space for ‘mini dialogues’ with FACT members inviting wider stakeholders to hear about and feed in on what governments have been discussing within the initiative.


  1. Highlight areas of progress on the FACT Dialogue, and identify areas for future work 
  2. Explore how governments and the private sector can collaborate across the supply chain to advance common goals 
  3. Create an inclusive and dynamic space in the pavilion for multiple stakeholders to have the opportunity to be involved in this dialogue

Draft agenda

Resuming the discussions held during COP27, the event will be the occasion to share updates on the progress made by FACT over the past year, including the launch of the Progress Report, and to engage participants directly in multiple dialogues.

  1. Introduction and welcome 
  2. Launch progress report
  3. Transition to breakout groups 
  4. Mini dialogues
  5. Wrap up and close