Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue


The United Kingdom, as part of its presidency for the UNFCCC COP26, launched the Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue, naming Indonesia as its co-chair. The FACT Dialogue seeks to reverse deforestation and accelerate the transition towards more sustainable land-use practices, specifically through dialogue. FACT brings together the largest producers and consumers of internationally traded agricultural commodities (such as palm oil, soya, cocoa, beef and timber) in order to protect forests and other ecosystems while promoting trade and sustainable development.

The FACT Dialogue seeks to increase inter-governmental alignment on commodity production, consumption, and trade. It seeks to enhance the clarity and strength of policy signals to private sector actors, as well as working through public-private partnerships, to support markets for sustainably produced commodities. The FACT Dialogue has convened over 30 countries, representing 75% of the global trade in key agricultural commodities, to discuss best practices, challenges, and shared action.

The FACT Roadmap for Action launched at COP26 contains 14 shared actions on four key and related areas: Trade and Market Development; Smallholder Support; Traceability and Transparency; and Research, Development and Innovation.